Creating Collaborative Trusting Environment!

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Creating a Collaborative and Trusting Environment :

Space is a powerful aspect for productivity and profitability in business. It also to foster engagement, inspire innovation, and drive productivity. Any space can be created into a productive environment with arrangement of optimal and comfort points.

Employees of generation next value purposeful work oriented with their skills and also aptitude. Current generations bring creative and proactive mindset that definitely requires a interesting workspace. Today workforce prefers purposeful work rather than pay differentiator. Also bonding with a likeminded team. Employers often wonder how they can make their business vision clear to their employees—and how they can show their teams that they are valued and entrusted with carrying out that vision.

In fact today the hierarchies have dissolved and a person working for you today can be a collaborator tomorrow…thus building a trusting environment and relationship is a secret for a long lasting success in business. Companies like FB, Apple, Whatsapp, Zomato and others have been built by likeminded people coming together and creating history.

While purpose and fulfillment are multifaceted, bringing together the type of work, pathways to advancement within an individual’s career, relationship-building, and much more, the places in which we work play a role in reinforcing this: by signaling organizational values, prompting behavior, and reinforcing expectations. Thus today’s management styles are build on trust –collaboration and independence to voice your POV –Point of view rather than a Yes Boss culture of command and control. In fact even productivity measurement is today based on your results and creativity than the hours of physical confinement.

Thus co-working spaces consider flexibility and autonomy in the workplace experience and also a holistic approach to conveniences of life and work. Things are more accessible. Because when individuals feel trusted enough to work when and how they want, as well as trusting the surroundings they inhabit, it benefits both the employee and employer.  Let’s take a look at more ways in which physical space can send signals of trust, and how to make sure those signals aren’t getting lost in translation.

Trust and autonomy are two sides of the same coin and one doesn’t exist without the other. Next, there should be a level of physical and mental comfort to support that autonomy: physical being the temperature, seating, access to daylight; and mental being the ability to voice your opinions, debate, support, and challenge one another openly. Autonomy of moving around and also variety in terms of exploring various relaxations, networking, learning, designing opportunities under the same roof. The common areas, conference rooms, cafeteria, with various seating options also is a zone of creativity.

The leadership style in the space is also something that promotes the trust by virtue of more interactions and also combination of formal and informal iterations.

Likewise technology aspects also help in terms of the overall productivity. Thus various aspects help the employees in the co-working space to build trust in work relationship and also create a productive and profitable environment.


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